12 April, 2013

Middle of Nowhere - Louise Pass (11 Apr-12 Apr)

We spent the night in the wild New Zealand bush. More specifically pulled off the road in a little Department of Conservation (DOC) car park/trail head called St. James Walkway along Louise Pass.

It was literally in the middle of nowhere. Dark, cold and windy. Did I mention that it was windy? The campervan shook like it would topple over a couple of times. But for a budget conscious place for the night (read: FREE) it was great.

I might be exaggerating a little with the wind - I felt completely safe and comfortable. Even tho it really was windy.

We were in the pass between two big mountains. When we woke up, it just looked like we were wrapped in white clouds. Then the wind blew them out - and there were mountains covered with green trees and small wispy clouds sliding down them. It was pretty amazing.

After breakfast and hot tea (we've given up on the powdered instant coffee that you stir in with your boiling water - yuk - a while other blog rant for another time), we were off for a quick three hour drive to Greymouth.

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