20 May, 2013

Oxford (15 May)

Off we went to Oxford!

It seemed that we used up all the sunny weather while we were in London. Everyday while st the Macbeth Cottage it would rain, hail, be sunny, rain in the front yard with the backyard cloudless, hail slime more and then be utterly beautiful outside. This didn't keep us from roaming the countryside!

One such mixed-weather day we headed over to Oxford. Of course it was beautiful while we drove and once we started walking in the town the rain decided to downpour. Out came the waterproof jackets and one we went!

First up the Bodleian Library, which as awesome as it is has a thing against children. I guess because it's a working library and there are lots of old stuff in it. Whatever their reasons, we couldn't even do a tour because the kids weren't allowed in. :-( Still, we were able to walk through the chapel of the Divinity School. Which, if you know your Harry Potter, is lithe set for the scenes in the infirmary. The kids loved trying to imagine where the beds went. 

We also had an activity trail the children were able to do - all outside of the Bodly, of course! They all enjoyed it but Kaija ate it up and was the one to finish all the questions after Chayton and Nazeriah lost interest.

After that we wondered around the streets and found our way into the Science Museum. Oh my, what cool gadgets! Once again, the kids did the activity trails - each child had a different trail and went off on their separate ways. I wish I could remember all the neat doodads that I saw and the famous people who invented or used them: sundials, moondails, brass models showing the solar system, telescopes, microscopes, clocks, and more. Fabulous brass, silver, metal and crystal things you just want to touch and spin or look through.

It was soon time to go. Both Courtney and I agreed that this is a town you should spend more time in - maybe on our next adventure.

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