11 June, 2013

Cooking in France

One of the children's school assignments have has been planning three days worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It has been quite fun to watch them go through this.

First off, they have to find the recipes that they want to have. Next, it is a trip to the super market complete with price comparison and sale shopping. I think what they have all enjoyed the most is weighing our produce and procuring the ticket and price from the machine.

Then it's home and cooking at the appropriate time. Which includes, gasp, not being able to go out to play in order to make sure a meal is ready.

Photos: Chayton making a cake for dessert; sharing it with our new friends John, Mia and Eion; Kaija cooking.

We've been doing this throughout the trip, when it is feasible for them - and Mommy and Daddy have the patience for it. Sometimes it is just easier to cook it yourself.

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