07 June, 2013

Locronan and Kervel Beach (6 June)

Today we set off in the car to the the town of Locronan a little medical town in the middle of today's bustling world.

We wandered through two churches, souvenir shops and quite a few artist shops. Chayton and Courtney loved the time and demonstration a woodcutter spent with them. He was showing how he finishes the foldable wooden spoons that is common in this region. The spoons have a couple of stories. One is that each gentleman either worked hard on his carving an intricate spoon or either could show his wealth by the beautiful spoon that he took to the local weddings. This either showed he had lots of money or show how talented he was. Thus securing work or the interest of a woman. The second story is that once a man has set his eyes on a particular woman he would give her this beautiful spoon. This would tell her that he wanted to spend the rest of his meals with her. You can see why they might be called the Wedding Spoon. 

I was quite taken by the paintings of one gentleman on the outskirts of the shops. No, it wasn't because he offered us candy when we came to the store. Nor that he looked like a jolly elf with a twinkle in his eye. But those parts were fun. His paintings were ethereal and colorful. Swirling crack ground mixed in with sharp detail up front. Feelings of the sea floor, leaves swirling around, sunsets and fairy magic.

After our stroll around town we set off to the local beach - Kervel. John, our neighbor, had recommended it as a nice beach and one that the locals from our town visited. We weren't disappointed. It was a wide sandy beach with interesting rocks and a few caves to explore. Plus we ran into John and his grandchildren, Mian and Eion. It was a short visit as a thunderstorm was on its way.  But we did pick up a few shells and interesting rocks for our collection.

The sun before the rain:

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