05 June, 2013

Paris (23 May)

Today we caught the train to check out the royal palace of Versailles. Weather.com posted that it would only be rainy from around 12:00pm-2:00pm. Nice day to go trekking, right?

Did you know that Versailles isn't just one palace and a garden? Wrong. I don't think I could tell you how many palaces are here. But you do have: Versailles, Petit Trianon, Gran Trianon and a few more grand looking buildings. Not to mention Marie-Antoinette's Estate. Which has a grand building or two and the peasant hamlet built for her in 1787. Well, I didn't an even though I had planned a day for Versailles, I think we could have done with at least two.

That rain I mentioned? It began as soon as we were standing in line to get entry into the Palace. Along with wind and some hail. Sometimes I wonder if the people at weather.com do it on purpose for a laugh. Can you imagine them sitting in their cubbies back at headquarters ..."Guess what I did today to some tourists today going to Versailles..."

Wouldn't you know it, once we got in we got hungry. Lunch time sitting out on the steps looking into the garden of Versailles. 

Then it was off to the gardens.

After wandering around we actually found our way to Marie-Antoinette's Estate/Hamlet and a nice long walk around the farmland attached to that.

Then we proceeded to get lost. This place is HUGE! But it was fun. Eventually we found our way back to one of the other palaces. The petite train was there and because it was so late in the day (or maybe because we looked a little wet and bedraggled) the train driver let the kids go free and I think he didn't charge Courtney and I the full price either. So we finally made it back to the Versailles palace and took a turn around the state rooms.

 The Hall of Mirrors

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