19 June, 2013

Scavenger Hunt and Appointments (19 June)

What a busy day today was ... Well, not really when we look back on how our life used to be. 

This morning Courtney has the kids do a photo scavenger hunt - photos of a slug, American flag, German flag, EU Flag, a toy, a cuckoo clock and a bank to name a few. Chayton tore it up and was awarded with €0.80 to go get an ice cream from the Italian Eis store. He was thrilled. We don't always reward with food, but ice cream is such a treat for us. 

The girls had emotional issues today and didn't quite finish their challenge. Both Courtney and I figured it was an easy challenge and that all the kids would get the ice cream. But there was time for a lesson on good sportsmanship, doing something that scares you and working together. 

After that it was off to the Apotheke (pharmacy) that is right next door. It's time to stock up on some vitamins/supplements and ibuprofen. I love how helpful and easy all the pharmacies/chemists have been in all the countries that we have visited. 

Then it was off to Courtney, Kaija and Chayton's hair cut appointments. Whew. This time management thing is hard. :-) They all turned out so brilliantly. Maybe it's time to cut my hair short again ...

Now we are a trying to lie as still as possible in our beds. It was up in the 90s again today and we do not have any air conditioning or fans. Chayton is fanning himself with one of his pieces of cardboard and not quite being able to lay still. The windows are all open and we are hoping for a breeze, but it's not looking too good. We just have to wait through tonight - tomorrow it rains and drops the temperature down into 70/60s again. 

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