07 June, 2013

Thunderstorm! (7 June)

The thunderstorm that started yesterday afternoon continued off and on through the morning. It also brought no electricity with it (since last night). 

Not such a big deal - we weren't watching any T.V., our heat is the wood-burning stove, our hot water and stove is gas powered, and our children are pretty good at finding things to keep them occupied (most of the time).

First, all three of them were reading. They are all thick into the Harry Potter books. Kaija finished the seventh one, Nazeriah finished the fourth one, and Chayton started the third one (he loves the audio books or I read it to him). After a while, Nazeriah needed to get working on her lunch which was quiche. She and Courtney set out to make a scrumptious meal. Then all three of them wanted to play a board game.

Today it was Monopoly. Did you know we are raising three deal-making real estate moguls? 

The fun part of this was later in the day when Mia and Eion came over to play - they are just as ruthless!

Finally, Courtney suggested that I call our landlady who is still in London. I get her on her mobile and explain what is going on. she has me run across the courtyard in the rain to get John on the phone so that he can speak to her husband, Phillip. I guess women aren't supposed to know about electricity things. :-)

John gets his instructions and armed with a spoon we head back out into the rain to find the outdoor electrical box. We found the white box and John used the spoon to pry open the front. With a quick flick of two fuses, we had full power again! Yea, John!

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