16 June, 2013

Wandering Bacharach and Burg Stahleck (12-13 June)

We are having fun wandering around our town, Bacharach. It was founded by the Celts and passed through many hands of leadership up through modern day times.

Our street, Oberstaße, is one of the two main roads through town and it goes right through the heart of Bacharach. Our apartment is set above the Cafe Haus Steil. Courtney and I will soon try their yummy kuchen and Rüdesheim Coffee (Asbach and sugar set afire then coffee poured over it). Right next to us on our cobblestone street there is a bakery, butcher, two ice cream shops, a few souvenir shops, and several wine gardens. I just learned that the Posthof a few doors down used to be the seat of the Knights Templars - we'll need to take a look at that soon!

Walking from our house we went up to the ruins of the Chapel Werner, only about 100 steps to get there. We can actually see the church from our bedroom window.

Next up, we visited the town castle: Burg Stahleck.

It is a nice walk from our apartment. It is also the only place that we have 
(ok, Courtney has found) to do laundry!

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