08 July, 2013

Austria, So Far - Part One (29 June-6 July)

Our time in Austria has been a mix of fun, relaxation, and yes, school! We finally have a reliable and strong Internet connection that doesn't require us to sit outside to receive. The kids find this a mixed blessing.

Kaija with Felix the cat.

Walking the see-saw.

The first few days we just chilled - hanging out at home, getting used to our school schedule and going to the Alpine Therme, aka indoor and outdoor swimming complex complete with an amazing indoor tube slide. I personally like the heated outdoor salt pool with massage jets. (Yes, it's still a bit cool here. One day there was steam rising from the outdoor pool.) 

I also am intrigued with the whole swimbad system I've seen in Germany and Austria.  First, you sign in at the only entry/exit point and receive a wrist band; that wrist band tracks you in the computer so they know how many people -and who- are there at any given time. At the end of your time you use the wrist band to get out. Then the locker room is co-ed, a big room filled with changing rooms and lockers. Now get this, the lockers open and close with your wrists band! I could go on, but I think unless you've struggled with running a membership-based pool (or the marketing of it), then this post will definitely be chalked up as boring.

So, fun pool time. 

We've also visited Ehrenberg Museum which focuses on a Knight's life and tried on actual armor. Chayton was even knighted and rode a dragon in the playground.

Plus hiking up to two castle ruins - the first one was 30 minutes up a very steep incline and the second was 1 hour up another very steep incline. But it was worth it!

Ruine Ehrenberg

The biggest slug, ever!

Rescued salamander.

Hohes Schloss


The gerbils are working, but getting nowhere.

Next up was a visit to a wonderful farm, Burchenhof Farm, for a closer look at chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, donkeys, cows, a ride on the tractor and a pony, plus the added bonus: drinks/coffee and kuchen (cake).

Eating quail eggs:

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