09 July, 2013

Hike and Thunderstorm

We just got back from one of the quickest hikes, ever. 

The children and I set off from our house and wound our way through the back part of town until we found a little path that followed a stream into the woods. After some more meandering around the path started to go up the mountain. By this time the girls also stopped complaining about the horrible walk that I was making them do. :-)

After another fifteen minutes the kids finally wore me down with their demands of a rest and snacks. It actually was a good thing, while we were eating a loud clap of thunder sounded quite close to us. You have never seen children go down a mountain as fast as mine did!

But would you believe that each of the kids told me it was a great adventure on our walk down? Shows you how fast the emotions of eleven year old girls can change. 

The storm was still pretty far off (i.e. we were safe), but the kids still wanted to double time it home. 

Which of course the sun was out and no hint of the storm at our house. We all played outside (Chayton beat me at "basketball" 4-0) and we made a new friend. 

And now the thunder has made it down to our little house and we are stuck inside. Here's hoping it will pass quickly. 

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