09 August, 2013

Beach Bums - Kalamata, Greece (27 Jul -10 Aug)

This might sound funny to those who know what we are doing ... but these past few days have felt like a vacation. 

Our days have been slow and easy. Wake up, breakfast, beach, lunch, rest/school work during the heat of the day: then it's tea time and maybe beach and dinner or dinner than beach. Some nights the children have stayed in the water until after 9pm. 

It is heaven. 

Of course, that is after out-fitting the apartment with some plastic plates, silverware, etc. But even the apartment has started to grow on me. 

In the mornings the water is flat as glass and just as transparent. 

This is my favorite time. The water is warm and soft; the sun is not at it's hottest yet; the sand is hot on the top and cold down under; and the beach itself isn't too crowded. 

When we come back later in the afternoon, the wind has usually picked up. That's when you see all the kids taking their sailing lessons. The sun is getting ready to set and starts to turn everything a glorious golden then rose color before darkening for the night with sparkling stars. Now is the time when the sand is cold on top and you dig your feet into it to reach the warmth. 

The other day Courtney and the girls swam out to this island/lighthouse thing. It was a good 15 minute swim out to it, then it took another 15 minute to convince both girls to jump off it. If you look closely, you can see them. 

First Courtney. 

Then Kaija. 

Then Nazeriah. 

Chayton and I were lazily floating/ snorkeling/ diving for rocks. 

Game of monkey in the middle:

Tomorrow we leave for Athens. 

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