05 August, 2013

Carovigno, Italy (27 July- 1 August)

Our stay in Carovigno was brief. We were there because of it's proximity to the ferry at Brindisi - our way to Greece.

Even though the weather was the hottest that we have been in, our house was cool and comfortable. We spend most days out of the heat indoors reading the books and watching the dvds (all in English!) that our host had provided.

It wasn't as if the town was completely unfriendly. Our host was warm and welcoming; while we walked to our apartment it seemed that everyone in town knew him and said hello. But when we wandered out on our own to the town center, the stares felt a little more unwelcoming than in any of the other  places that we have traveled to so far. 

Our house was a nice cozy cocoon and we enjoyed our stay there. Especially the kitchen with the long wooden table. 

We did have a spectacular trip to the local beach. Can you imagine, parking was only 4 Euros and they even provided a free tram to take you down to the beach? I did splurge on a two rental lounges and an umbrella ... 

So beach, movies and lots of reading - a great way to spend a few days.

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