21 August, 2013

Let the SlugFest Be Over!

I think we have hit a downward spiral. It must be a culmination of having too much fun and not enough structure. 

We have turned into slugs. 

It is driving Courtney CRAZY!

We get up, staggered between 8:00am until 10:00am (yes, I'm usually the last one); eat breakfast and try to figure out what we will do for the day. Unfortunatly with the heat we are somewhat limited on when we can go out and do things. And even though we are in the middle of a huge city with great public transportation, our slugdom has hindered our decision-making abilities.

That's not to say we didn't see or do anything at all. 

The weekly farmer's market each Monday was amazing - and just a block away! I was able to go shopping there twice - fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, carrots, figs and more. 

Beaches! We went first to Edam Beach because it was the first beach stop the tram arrived at. The tram was crowded and it was hot. So we got off.

The next time I asked the advice of a mother and her adult daughter on the tram (who were so smitten by Chayton they scooted over to squeeze him into their seat). This time we went to Ble Beach (sounds like blah beach). Yes, we all made blah-ing sounds all the way from the tram stop to the waterfront. It was a good recommendation (minus the pulsing techno music that didn't stop that came from the bar). We rented chairs and and umbrella, plus Courtney and the children played on the inflatable beach toys. They swam, jumped, climbed and slid. 

Tram ride home:

Then there was the Acropolis! During the day and at the Full Moon event. 

The Acropolis Museum, the National Archeological Museum, Ancient Angora, the National Gardens, Zeus' Temple, Hadrian's Library and what might have been Socrates' prison. Plus the flea market area and lots of souvenir shops. Lots.

Acropolis Museum

Ancient Angora

Socrates' Prision

Hadrian's Libray

Zeus' Temple

National Gardens

As of tomorrow, our slugdom will officially be over. Tomorrow night we will meet the Vurals at the airport in Instanbul and begin a wonderful two weeks together! All ten of us together again, plus Hakan's family. It is going to be a loving mass of chaos. And I can't wait!

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