10 September, 2013

South Korea in Istanbul?

As our international adventure winds down, a few of us are getting bummed that we aren't going to Asia. (Yes, we've been to the Asian side of Turkey - but you know what I mean.)

Imagine our delight after stumbling onto the World Culture Expo! It's not the same as being there - but we are experiencing the culture of over 50 nations all while staying in the same city. 

And guess what? Our "I'm never going to travel again" and "How could you sell MY house" young lady has been researching tickets to South Korea. Quite a surprise. Until you realize that she is captivated by the different clothes and dances of Asia. This has even sparked a new career choice. We are moving away from being a model and singer to a ... Cultural Anthropologist. Whoo-hoo! 

So now we will have an archeologist, a cultural anthropologist and a .... break dancer/police person/chiropractor. But back to the Expo. 

We have been able to do traditional crafts, look at traditional crafts, view scenic photos, watch performances and dances, all without leaving Istanbul. 

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