26 September, 2013

Touchdown Stateside!

Well, ok, that happened a little while ago. September 12 to be exact. But I'm still trying to work through all the layers associated with being back.

A big one is how different it is when you are temporarily living in apartments with only one luggage + one backpack per person. All at once we were back in a full-fledged house and our meager baggage went to 5 pieces of luggage + 5 backpacks + 1 more piece of luggage + 2 carry-ons + 3-18 gallon storage bins + a bunch of extra things. 

Then once arriving at the Georgia House (I do need to come up with a different name, since it is the only house now), we have a two story house filled with everything that Big Grandma wanted, needed, collected or hoarded PLUS everything from our house in New Jersey.

My simple mind is having trouble holding all of this in. Actually it's the side of me that has to have everything in its proper place that is going fritzy. 

I liked the simplicity of our travels. 

But I am also fortunate to have this wonderful house to live in, filled with almost anything anyone could ever want (usually three of everything, unless it is rubber bands - then there isn't a limit). And I have the time to be able to go through it, box by box by cabinet by closet by room by workshop by basement, to finally see the floor and make a path to the door so I can go out and see the sun.

Which the kids are loving, seeing the sun that is. They have a ton of space to go out every day to ride their bikes, play kickball and generally goof-off. That makes me very happy. Now if I could only get out from under these boxes that fell over when I was trying to reach that one ... no, the other one ... that one on the tippy top  ... I only need to stretch my fingers just a little bit further ...

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