31 October, 2013

Sprouting Roots?

It takes time for a new cutting to take root and establish itself in the ground.  I am no different. The thing is, a plant has a much smaller universe to traverse. 

We've been back in the states for over a month now trying to figure out life in Rome, Ga. Which right now includes lots of doctor and dentist visits (we have eight months to make up for), a trip to Florida and camping at the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Plus, I'm trying to figure out how to find my way around Rome. Everything is new. Especially the grocery store aisles. I'm learning that a good grocery store in NJ is waaay different then a good grocery store in Rome, GA. I'm still trying to find a place to get red lentils, turkey kielbasa and any type of Asian noodles. 

In Florida, Courtney and celebrated our birthdays - for real this time. Although I will always remember my surprise 40th birthday party with my NJ friends and family! Time with grandma and grandpa, Aunt Patty and Uncle Marshall, the Cassidy's and a building workshop at Home Depot. Whoo hoo.

Headed home just in time to celebrate Chayton's birthday - the big seven! 

Then it was off to the Smokies. Of course, it had to be one of the coldest nights ever. We made the decision, after one night, to not stay over the night that was going to be 20 degrees. :) But the kids were great troopers, never complaining.

And of course it's Halloween! The last two years our Halloweens have been snowed out. First by a freak October Nor'easter and then by Hurricane Sandy. All five of us were glad of the balmy temperature down south! Not only that, but the kids had three opportunities to put on their costumes. But no trick or treating door to door style. It seems that down here it is all about community gatherings and trunk or treating. This is our first year in 11 that we haven't gotten to hand out treats on Halloween. 

All through it, we get to stop by and see Big Grandma whenever we can. She's loved seeing the kids in their costumes!

We've yet to make any new friends (love having Ray and Louise "next" door to us). But I think that might come soon as we start enjoying more of the events and groups around here. 

The tendrils are starting to sprout, but it does take some time and lots of love to get fully established.