29 December, 2013

Christmas in Las Vegas

We just returned from our adventure Out West. The children had such a great time getting to know their cousins and Chayton loved having playmates his age!

Kyra - 16
Kaija - 12
Nazeriah - 11
Bryce - 8
Chayton- 7
Garrett - 6

Nana, Papa, Uncle Geoffrey and Aunt Stacey were a nice addition, too.

Besides hanging out and spending time together, we managed to squeeze in a few activities.

Ice skating!

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Friday Night Pizza

Cookie Making

Lots of Play Time and Movie Time

Chayton Lost Another Tooth - on Christmas Day

Red Rock Canyon

Plus ... a ride on the Polar Express!

(lots of potty breaks ... I might get in trouble for this one.)

And Christmas (with our traditional New Year's Day dinner, since we'd be back in GA for that).

Thank you for sharing a wonderful and transformational year with us on our Adventure. It was Christmas 2013 that we "broke" the news to our children.

Sadly, this part of our journey will come to a close with the start of 2014. 

But, of course, The Real Adventure goes on.

Happy New Year!

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