28 January, 2014

Our Day ... 28 January

This wacky weather sure is, well, wacky. We've had nights well below freezing and at least one day at a "feels like" temperature of -10 degrees. All attributed to the lovely, but off-kilter, Artic Vortex. But we hadn't had snow. 

Until today. 

We have about 2 inches of snow outside. Oh my. The kids are so excited. They thought that since we've moved to Georgia they would never, ever get to play in the snow again. Kaija and Chayton took advantage of one of our hills and went sledding. Nazeriah decided to stay inside.

Of course that was after the 2-1/2 drive of picking up the kids at their schools. Can I just say, I love my "new" car. It drove like a charm on these crazy narrow country roads that have huge ditches on either side of them. Oh, and they are hilly and curvy, too. The road that is. 

So I felt fine on the roads. However, most of the other people driving did not. There were accidents everywhere and cars skidded off the road. Oy vey. Not to mention that the roads weren't plowed at all. We were some of the lucky ones. There are children at my girls' school that might have to stay the night. Can you belive it all my friends who live in snowy areas? Two inches of snow!

Here's what it looks like around the house. 

This morning the roads were fine and I got in the last minute grocery shopping, gassed up the car and had a very nice visit with Big Grandma. 

Tonight was nice and relaxed. The girls' homework is all completed and Chayton's is started. I even let the kids watch some TV. On a school night! Well, not really. School is canceled tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised if Thursday was at least a delayed opening. 

Pretty good day!

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