09 February, 2014

Weekend Fun!

It is always so nice when the weekends roll around.

It started to feel like spring to us. We were walking around without jackets. Plus there were about 40 robins in our yard today. No joke. 

But don't worry. We should get 3" of snow on Tuesday. Snow days!

Chayton had a soccer clinic on Saturday. Afterward, Courtney, Chayton and Kaija worked hard on building our soccer goals. Now all we need is the netting and we'll be good to go for some family games. 

Sunday was a trip to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historic Site. What a great experience for all of us. 

Once again the Junior Ranger program rocked. Just enough educational stuff for Chayton and plenty for the girls that made them think and put words to what their own dream looks like. 

We took a break and headed to Mary Mac's Tea Room for lunch, before wading back to the MLK Site. Definitely a different tea room than what we experience at the Four Teas in London. Delicious southern home style food! No cute little cucumber sandwiches here. 

Now onto a great week! Nazeriah has soccer try-outs for her school team on Monday. Kaija will have swim team for the first time on Monday. And Chayton is looking forward to another soccer clinic on Saturday. 

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