24 March, 2014

Breakfast of Champions

Buzz Buzz Buzz. Someone has been following the "Bee" Rules at his school and wowing his teachers. (Bee Polite, Bee Respectful, etc.)

All that good work turned into being selected to go to the Breakfast of Champions. Way to go, Chayton!

18 March, 2014

Our Days ... 17 March & 18 March

Our leprechaun found us!

After traveling all the way to Australia last year, he made it back to the states just in time. He left little treats for the kids - a few chocolate coins, a cool new "luggage" tag for use with school bags as well as lots of confetti rainbows and pots 'o gold.

Here's what happened last year in Australia: St. Patrick's Day - Australia
And here's the History of the Leprechaun

Can you believe it - a year ago we were in Australia. While the green eggs and ham were just as delicious yesterday, the chocolates were better last year. The weather was pretty nice too. And we were going to get to hold a koala bear. And go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef. Boy, was that all fun! Want to read more? Here you go: Australia

Today was Report Card Day! In our house - it's a cause for celebration. (Warning - bragging moment.) The girls accomplished straight A's and Chayton had one A and on B (the only two subjects that are graded). How great is this? Not only are they enjoying school, but they are holding their own. So much for all my worries about jumping back into the school system and being behind. Whew.

Of course, that meant we had a celebratory dinner. Where did the kids want to eat? Olive Garden. Carbs, carbs and more carbs - ooh and bread! We all enjoyed it and took a trip down memory lane as Chayton and Kaija completed the kid's menu actives on Venice and Rome.

Courtney spoiled me even more today. We met for lunch at this cool, funky cafe called Jamwich and then he treated me to a massage. Boy am I feeling full and relaxed.

02 March, 2014

Chattanooga Catch-Up (15-16 February )

I've fallen off the blogging wagon and fallen hard. But here's a little catch-up fun. 

We took a short trip to Chattanooga - it's only about an hour away from us. What a great town! We're already talking about what we'll do the next time we are up there.

View of the Hunter Museum of American Art from the Walnut Street Walking Bridge - one of the world's longest pedestrian bridges. We didn't get to go into the museum this time, but enjoyed all the outside art that we found around the museum and the Art District. 

On the other side of the bridge in Northshore, we had some wonderful ice cream at Clumpies Ice Cream (I enjoyed pumpkin spice and Aztec spice dark chocolate - yum!). More walking around, including peeking into some cool shops, a stop at Cooleridge Park to ride the carousel, playing in the park and then finally dinner at Taco Mamasita's. So good - and a locally sourced restaurant!

After another swim at the hotel, we all had a good nights sleep to get ready for breakfast and - another swim in the pool. After drying out we spent all day at the Tennessee Aquarium. There is so much to see, that we had to stop for lunch and come back to finish! Lunch was at Good Dog, another locally sourced restaurant and lots of fun for the kids. 

(The kids are lying down in the glass dome to watch the shark and rays swim by.)

Yes, Nazeriah was with us - she just want interested in having any pictures taken ...

There was an amazing jellyfish exhibit, lots of star fish, and a wonderful sea horse exhibit. Even had dragon sea horses! We will definitely come back.