29 June, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Day 4

Harry Potter Style

After breakfast in the Great Hall, it's time for Divination Class. What will your tea leaves tell you today? Don't forget to pop your balloon and get your fortune.

Once again, it's time to board the Hogwarts Express. This time we'll use the magic Floo Network (aka the Lincoln Tunnel) to reach our broomstick flying lessons.


Bike riding in Central Park! Now that's a way to fly.

First stop ... Lunch.

Time for more bike riding ... oops flying lessons. Stopped at The Reservoir to try to imagine how Kronos' army would have marched around/in it.

After all that exercise, it's time for a sweet snack - ice cream!

Next up, Transformation Class. Who can go from dry to wet to dry? Water time at Heckscher Playground.

A little bit of first aid ... putting on a new coat of water-proof bandage for Okan's stitches. We had the best first aid guy around!

Time to return the bikes ...

 Had a few tired puppies on the way home ... I think it was a good day.

A friendly game of Othello before our nightly round-up.

Round-up Time!

Words of the Day:

Okan: Ice Cream and Bike Riding
Chayton: Being with Everyone
Nazeriah: Running and Bike Riding
Selda: Biking and Ice Cream
Kaija: City, Biking and Running
Ilayda: City, Biking and Running

Bead of the Day:

27 June, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Day 3

Percy Jackson Style

Back at Camp Half-Blood

After the battle of Olympus, all was in tatters;
The fabulous palace, it's walls were shattered.
Take your time to rebuild, make Poseidon flattered.

 Off to Sandy Hook National Seashore! It's time for a sandcastle building contest.

The winners are ...

Now it's time to touch the sea!
To stay and play where the Hippocampi ride free.
We'll stay for the rest of the day, you and me.

Heading home. Everyone still has smiles! Pass the snacks ...

The evening Round-Up

Today's words:

Chayton: Salty and Fun
Okan: Boogie and Sandcastle
Ilayda: Swim and Conversation
Kaija: Swim and Waves
Selda: Crabs and Sandcastle
Nazeriah: Waves and Soccer

Today's bead: Poseidon's Trident

[Oops, yesterday's bead: Waves (boat ride]