25 June, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Day 1

Harry Potter Style

Wow. All the planning, painting and printing is finally being put to use. Tonight Courtney and I transformed the Vural Dining Room in to the Great Hall, complete with items for "The Sorting."


All that was left was to get the kids up! Once they were up, it was t-shirt time.

Time for The Sorting!




 All Aboard the Hogwarts Express! 

(What a handsome conductor.)

The Forbidden Forest (aka Stokes State Forest)

This couldn't have been any better! Alisa rented Kittle Field for us to use all day. We had a covered pavilion, tons of picnic tables, baseball field and playing field all to ourselves. Not to mention a fabulous creek that ran right through it all.

I don't think that Courtney and I needed to plan anything for this day - we could have just let them play in the creek and go hiking. (Sometimes it's good to remember all that we really need.)

But soon it was time for our scavenger hunt. Hagrid had lost some items and the two house teams had to go looking for them. Let's see, they had to find: a photo of Sirius Black as a dog, Harry Potter's wand, the Sorcerers Stone, a vial of Felix Felicis Liquid Luck, Pollyjuice Potion and a photo of Hagrid, among many other items. Both teams did great!


After that friendly competition was over, it was time to get real in a game of Quidditch (soccer played while riding noodles).

Then it was time for the sweep of our site and packing it up to go home.


But all wasn't over until we had our round-up.

What were the two words that described your day:

Kaija: Awesome and Extraordinary
Ilayda: Bugs and Creek
Chayton: Fun and Bee Sting
Okan: Camp and VurAllen
Selda: Unicorns and Fun
Naeriah: Mischievous and Peaceful

And the first bead to add to our Camp VurAllen necklace:

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