27 June, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Day 2

Percy Jackson Style

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!

You'll find a spot at Hermes Cabin #11 until you've been claimed. But, don't forget to pick up your magic item "Anaklusmos" and your camp shirt on your way out of the Dining Hall. Hmm ... wonder who will claim you?

What does the the Delphi Oracle say about the Prophecy of Summer 2014? Where will your Quest take you today?

Hop aboard your transportation option to start you on your Quest. Pass the long drive-time by completing your sheets on your labeled clipboards.

Ride the waves to the Lady, strong and tall.
Beware the one whose gaze can end it all.

Off to the Statue of Liberty!

Look, I stuck my finger up Lady Liberty's nose!

If I were not a camper, there's one thing I would be;
If I were not a camper ... a statue I would be!

The girls, completing their Junior Ranger Booklet.

No toe jam here!

Snack break.

Teaching the boys how to play "Cups" while riding the waves back to the dock.

Listen to the whispers of the walls.
To find out whose name will cause the fall.

The next part of our Quest took us to ... Grand Central Station and the Whispering Walls!

Can you find the "dirty spot" that was left after the renovations of Grand Central? Hint. It's close to the crab. Can you believe how dirty it was?

Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper.

With energy stores running cold,
Search for something sweet to hold.

Candy time! Unfortunately, we couldn't find the candy shop that Percy's mom worked at ... but we did find candy.

After that, it was time to head on home. We had some tired puppies.

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