01 July, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Day 6

After a Free Pass for a day off on Saturday (I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids); Camp VurAllen came back with a bang on Sunday.

Field Games!

First order of excitement for the day, Chayton lost a tooth. It was very wiggly, but it took a kick from the soccer ball to really get it ready to come out.

Then, we eat.

Finally, we play.

The Ringmaster.

Meet the teams:

Ready, set, go!

Balloon Toss time for the children.

Now, for the adults!

Balloon-Between-the-Back Game

There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. 

The object of the game. Fill up your bucket with water. Run down to the other bucket. Dump your water into that bucket. The first bucket filled up wins. The catch? Oh, yeah ... that bucket you're filling up has holes in it. Bummer.

Last game ... plunger relay.

Now, time to catch up with friends.

Last night of Round-Up!

What are you thankful for:
Okan: Being able to see the Allens again.
Nazeriah: Seeing all my friends. Coming to NJ. Happy we could stay with the Vurals.
Courtney: To be able to sit in this circle.
C: Having fun with everyone.
Ilayda: Family and friends.
Kaija: Friends and Family.
Selda: Camp VurAllen and all the stuff you've done with us.
Melissa: Being with my friends.
Alisa: Family and friends being here together.
Hakan: Being together, happy and healthy; and seeing friends and family.

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