04 July, 2014

Camp VurAllen ... Wrap Up

Today it was Camp VurAllen gift time! 

The kids got their final necklace (with sliding knots, so they could actually take them on and off). 

Their Camp Books filled with pictures and and paper items from Camp (the daily schedules, quests, etc.). 

Plus their "Family" picture frame with a group picture and their own Camp photo book. 

It was so neat to watch them take their time in going through everything and reminiscing over the past week. 

And then it was time to thank the most amazing Camp Dining Hall Director there ever was! She kept us filled with food for breakfast, lunch and dinner; AND numorous snack attacks. Thank you, Alisa!

We presented her with her official camp apron complete with all of our signatures and camp buttons. 

I can't believe that it's over! Until next year. 

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