23 September, 2014

Phase 1 of the Girls' New Room

It's official! The girls have their own room! It's been a huge project, but it was worth it.

Since we've moved to GA, all three kids have been sharing a bedroom. Phew. It's gotten a little tough lately with two pre-teenage girls needing space. 

Thankfully, there is a bedroom with a full bathroom on the lower floor of the house - but it was filled, wall-to-wall, with stuff. Now the stuff is relocated, and ta-da!

This is the cleanest that the room has been since they moved down. There's a few more items to take care of, like getting it wired for an air conditioner, fixing the shower, new curtains and some other small things. But the big part is done.

The girls are really happy and enjoying their space. A bonus - Chayton now has his own room! He is definitely happy. That's the next project ...

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