29 November, 2014

Still looking for my pot of gold ...

Last week's rainbow sighting.

Ingrid, Kip & Django!

What a great visit with our friends from Ohio.

Ingrid taught Chayton some new circus tricks.

Kip, Ingrid and I had a great walkabout on Berry College to the Old Mill and up a hill.

Playing in the trees after a run along the river with everyone.

And the kids loved spending time with Aunt Ingrid and Uncle Kip.

Then there was Django. How we loved her! The kitties, not so much. But the humans are all ready for her to come back for another visit. But she has to bring her people, too!

Congrats, Bobcat!

Chayton had his first Cub Scout Award ceremony this month. We are so proud of him!

He earned his Bobcat award, plus archery, bb gun, family travel, geology and wildlife conservation belt buckles. Next up, Wolf!

Holding court at the scout table.

Way to go!

28 November, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time, however they celebrated yesterday!

First up, making sugar cookies.

Next, making T-giving dinner.

And of course, getting ready to eat it!

Big G'ma got her Thanksgiving wish - a cherry pie.

We all survived. Day-After T-giving B'fast.

Happy 91st Birthday, Big G'ma!

Happy 13th, Kaija!

My baby is 13! Can you believe it? Nope, neither can I. We had a great time celebrating with her.
First up, was the traditional Breakfast with Daddy. Which was followed by her lunch of homemade mac 'n cheese. Yum.
Her birthday choice of activities - bake cookies. We actually didn't get to the baking part, but we got the sugar cookie dough ready for another day of fun.

After clean-up and a little bit of reading, it was time for the full family celebration! 
And what did Kaija pick for her birthday dinner? Fondu, of course.

Part of her decorations included the ladybug balloons and candles that we used at her 1st Birthday.
Everyone gave her a card/present - including the cats! Which we found out the cats really only think about themselves, as they gave her toys that only the cats could play with. :-)

Happy Birthday, Kaija

Love you!