29 December, 2014

Planting Trees ... In November!

Well, we finally did it! It's taken a full year, but Courtney and I (with a little help) have planted trees.

Eight of them to be exact - 5 fruit trees and 3 flowering trees. Whoo-hoo!

It's been a labor of love. Courtney and I first started and the ground was so hard. We thought renting an auger from Home Depot would solve the problem. Well ... that didn't work.

So, we waited until it rained. Bingo! We could dig holes. Unfortunately, two decided to fill up with water ... so we had to wait a couple of days to finish up those. :-)

Here's one of them.

Can you see all the others? (Trick question ... ones out back ...) Plus I've learned that ones the leaves fall off of very young and skinny trees - it's a little hard to see them.

But the best one was saved for last ... thank you, Sabine, for helping to dig the hole!

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