04 December, 2014

TBT - Pumpkin Fun 2014

We had a great October & lots of pumpkin related fun.

Courtney and Chayton spent the weekend at the Pumpkin Games with Cub Scouts. 

While the boys were away, the girls' had their friends over for a sleep-over. Just for fun, we decided to go do "Scary Berry" a haunted trail hike. In the dark. On a trail in the woods. We're not so sure we are going to do it again next year. :-) Of course, we had a great time!

After all that scary stuff, the girls came home to cook some brownies, do their nails and watch "Grease."

 Chayton and I spent time out at the farm and pumpkin picking at his class trip.


The kids had a great time getting dressed up for a Halloween Party held at our neighbor's church.

A month of soccer!

 On Halloween, Courtney and I took part in our first Trunk or Treat at Chayton's school. Take a look at our Monster Car.

Of course, that gave me the perfect chance to show off my true roots.

 And what month isn't complete without a building project?

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