08 March, 2015

Selma 2015

Last night we drove from Camp Sydney Dew to Birmingham, AL. The goal - to meet up with fellow UU's in Birmingham, hop onto some busses and drive together to Montgomery and then to Selma to participate in the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday. 
No photos, please. 

Heading out!

We ran into some fellow UUCM-ers during lunch at St. Jude Educational Institute. What an emotional and touching music driven service after lunch!

Back on the bus and off to Selma. There were TONS of people there. I even caught a glimpse of Al Sharpton as he walked out of Brown Chapel. And got pushed out of the way by the handlers (and groupies) walking with Jessie Jackson onto the bridge. 

The walk itself was a different experience than I had expected. More crowds, standing still and not being able to move than energetic, spiritual walking. But it is an experience I am glad to have had. My walk across the bridge and through this life has been easy. I am forever grateful for the people before who laid the foundation I stand upon now. I hope in my small way that I can also affect change that will impact future generations. 

Cub Scout Day!

What a great day out at Camp Sydney Dew with our Cub Pack. 

We all arrived bright and early for a day filled with activities. 

Morning roundup

Hike time!

Checking in to see what everyone has found for their Hiking Bingo. 

Investigating a dirt dobber nest. 

Photo op!

Compass orienteering

Game challenge: without breaking contact which team can get the tshirt from one person to the other?

They got it!

That was hard. 

Scavenger hunt time!

Photo with an Eagle Scout
Photo with camp sign. 

Photo with a scout in uniform ... First found Class B:

Then Class A

Showing off what they found. 

After some advancement work, kickball and marbles. 


What a great day!

07 March, 2015

Off to NYC

Kaija is off to NYC this weekend! (Check out her new glasses - looking smart.)

After a false start on Thursday afternoon (the trip was delayed until Friday early morning because of snow in the states they had to drive through) they were off. Three coach busses full of middle schoolers and their adult chaperones. Whew. I can't wait to see Kaija's pictures!

01 March, 2015

The ending to a great week!

What a great week filled with the normal craziness, but also fun and surprises.

On Monday, Courtney headed off to Orlando (poor him). Tuesday, Chayton stayed home since he had a mild temp and wasn't feeling good. Wednesday everyone stayed home for a SNOW DAY ... that didn't have any snow. But, come Wednesday late afternoon - we had snow! Luckily Granma and Granpa arrived before the snow did.

The official measuring of the snow: 3.5" by 7pm on Wednesday night.

By Thursday morning we had a total of 6.5".  Someone couldn't wait to go out and play.

Off to go sledding! Chayton's friend and his mother came over for some sledding fun.

Kaija didn't want her picture taken ...
Chayton's friend
Almost got a photo!
Playing around
Courtney came home Thursday night and surprised me with a night in Atlanta. So Friday afternoon we headed off and left the kids with Granma and Granpa.

What was the first thing we did? Get coffee and stop at Ikea.
We had a wonderful time - just the two of us. We didn't head out for dinner until after 7pm to Eclipse di Luna for tappas and drinks. We didn't leave the restaurant until 11pm - look at us being so wild. Saturday was a late brunch (okay lunch) at Radial before we drove back home. It was such a special treat to have some alone time.

Sunday all five of us drove back into Atlanta to spend the afternoon with our friends Eric, Anna and Sasha. We met up for lunch at Krog Street Market and then strolled around the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was beautiful in a winter sort of way - I can't wait to go back to the Gardens when the flowers are in bloom.
The main exhibit was all about orchids.

Look at this - he's made all out of plant material. Too cute!

Here's the try at a goodbye photo. My girls blowing kisses and Sasha being a princess. Chayton, well, he's just surrounded by girls.