18 June, 2015

And away we go!

We've hit the road and are already in Tennessee (after a bit of excitement this morning).

There was the normal "are you sure you packed this?" question asked a thousand times. 

Then the naughtiest cat in the world (that would also be the cutest cat, Emma) escaped from the house and made a beeline for the fence line. Thank goodness for quick thinking and barefoot running by Courtney, it was his fasted 50-yard dash; along with an assist by Kaija - the cat was grabbed and brought back inside. 

Of course, the roofers chose that time to show up to finish the rain gutters. (Our roof was replaced last week.) So now there was the whir of saws in the air and tools and old gutters strewn across the yard. 

And the garden needed watered, and the this ... and the that. All the normal craziness of getting everyone out. 

But we made it. New Jersey here we come!

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