05 July, 2015

Summer Fun 2015 ... Part One

How is it that our summer is already half over? Could it be because it began in May?

Our summer fun started off with a surprise trip. Courtney and I picked up the kids from school and instead of driving them home, headed to Chattanooga for the weekend. We love visiting this town - ice cream at Clumpy's, dinner at Taco Mamacita and of course lunch at Good Dog. When the kids and Courtney are involved, sometimes there just isn't a whole lot of deviation from routine. :)

This time, we thought of bringing Chayton's bicycle with us - then the rest of us are big enough to rent the bikes that are placed strategically around town. Much easier to get around on two wheels than on two feet. We've done the aquarium as a family last year (plus Chayton And I were just there on a school trip) and the art museum (pretty amazing, too) along with other sight-seeing stops before.

This time it was all about riding our bikes, swimming in the pool, eating, hanging out and relaxing. In fact, it was so relaxing that I didn't even take any photos. Can you imagine?!? But, Courtney did take a few ...

At the park
At McKay's (the best used books store, ever). Chayton's practicing to be a librarian - he put the whole Magic Treehouse section in number order. That was a lot of books. 
Then came Memorial Day with Grandma, Grandpa and Big Grandma. Which you heard a little about here: Memorial Day

Chayton did all the grilling (well, almost).

Followed by a quick trip with our friends the Butlers (The Hike Inn). 

Here are a few new pictures:

Next up was our weekly Cub Scout meeting - Field Day! Courtney had a whole bunch of fun getting this together.
Look - we're hanging pictures! 
And we actually purchased some "adult style" furniture for the living room. It didn't get delivered until a day before we left on our trip to NJ/OH - so no pictures yet.

Robotics Camp for Chayton: building with legos and programing a motor through a computer program. This was just up his alley.
Not to forget Cub Scout Twilight Camp (I think that needs it's own post ... stay tuned).

Kaija has been doing swim team, this means two-hour practices at least 3-days a week, AND getting there by 7am. Whew. She's been sticking to it, though. Chayton has also been practicing with the swim team, except his practice is only 1.5 hours and in the evening. Just a little bit easier.

Nazeriah has been taking it easy. Ha. If going running with Courtney in the morning is easy. Then she and Kaija have started to take a study skills/organization class. 

Of course, we've been trying to just relax and enjoy summer, too.

Catching fireflies:
Everyone's been reading a lot, Chayton just lets me take his photo. :) Here he is in his reading nook - he's been re-arranging furniture, too. 
Seeing Big G:
And everyone has had some time to hang out with their friends:
And there was this:
Not too bad for the first part of summer.

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