23 September, 2015

Where did it go?

How is it already the end of September? Wasn't it just August? Or how about July for that matter?

The end of summer was filled with tennis camp, swim team, soccer camp and getting ready for school. Plus a bit of fun thrown in.

We were able to enjoy a bit of bounty from our garden - I think our favorite were the pickles that a friend made from our cucumbers.

Then it was August.

School ... oh how it came so soon. We went back to school on August 4. I officially have a third grader and two eighth graders.
 With school also came Cub Scouts and sports. Courtney is the Webelos leader and I am the Bears' leader - with Chayton as one of the Bears. It provides for fun Thursday nights.  
 Chayton finished up the summer with Swim Team and participated in his first swim meet. For his age group, he took first place in breast stroke.
 But with August comes travel soccer. He tried out for the team in June and participated with the rest of his team for a week camp in July. Now it's practice and game-time. Chayton has chosen to train as goalie for his team. He has a natural knack for it - tho I still think it's one of the most stressful positions to play. Chayton will do soccer for the rest of the year. He's happy and a little bummed. Because soccer is a year-long commitment, it means he can't do tennis or swim until the summer.

Kaija finished up the summer with tennis and then switched over to Three Rivers Swim Team. She's not so interested in competing, but she is quite excited about swimming and being able to help coach the mini sessions. Those mini sessions are 3 week workshops to teach children how to swim. She's a natural at the coaching thing. She'll do swim until tennis starts up again.

Nazeriah has also started the swim team so that she can get in shape for her school soccer season. It's not her favorite thing to do ... but she does want to be in top shape come the spring.

Other things this August ... I almost had a new pet. I went for a walk in the back pasture and found a lone calf. It seems the rest of the cows had left for the night, but he decided to stay. I think once he figured out how alone he was, that any type of company was good company. After talking to the farmer, I found out that he was only about a week old and his mama would come find him shortly. It seemed to happen like that - come the morning he was gone. But I have seen him after that - so I know that he is doing fine.
We also started to do some work to clear out around the old oak tree in the upper pasture. You can see a little bit of our progress. Courtney loves any opportunity to use his new chainsaw. (Of course, we still need to finish it!)
 Chayton learned how to blow a bubblegum bubble.
Courtney and I did a green smoothie cleanse ... and liked those smoothies so much that we are still eating them! Lots of kale and baby spinach. Yum.

By Labor Day, we were ready for a break! We joined Granma and Granpa up in the North Georgia Mountains for a few days. They had rented a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. We had a weekend of rest, playing, eating and the girls working on their school projects. One fun thing we did was to go on a hour horseback ride through the woods.
Nazeriah busy working away:
Chayton discovered a puzzle that needed to be put together. I think he got everyone of us to help him at some point.

All too soon it was time to go back home.

The rest of the month has past in a blur. I know that we've been busy and probably have done things that I should have taken photos of ... but I didn't. And now I don't remember what they were. But it's been a good month!

Oh, I did run across this young hawk sitting on our birdbath.

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