19 October, 2015

Chayton's Birthday Celebration

Chayton is 9! It seems unreal.

To celebrate, we headed to Atlanta for the weekend. Once there - Chayton picked everything that we did.

After checking into our hotel and riding the glass elevator to our rooms, he decided it was time for a swim. Back down the elevators to the pool. It was a really nice indoor-outdoor pool setup. Believe it or not, the weathers been actually a bit cool down here - so not even my kids went into the outdoor area. I was happy to just sit in the hot tub.

Next up - dinner. Chayton wanted to have a Japanese-Chinese combo and we picked Lucky China. Even better, it was Japanese-Chinese-Thai! 

All through dinner, we all kept telling him what a great choice he made - the food was delicious and the atmosphere was nice; not too fancy, but very warm and comfortable.

Here is Chayton watching his rolls being made:
Happy diners!

After a nice leisurely dinner, it was time to go back to the hotel for the next round of surprises ...

Someone's excited - a new watch - one that fits his tiny wrist!

He also seems pretty happy with his new books!
Waking up Sunday morning ...
We had a quick breakfast at the Concierge Lounge. Then it was time for another swim in the pool. A little TV in the room and we headed to Another Broken Egg for lunch.

We've eaten at Another Broken Egg at Panama City Beach and Chayton was excited to go back. I think our favorite one is still Panama City Beach - but it was yummy and fun.
On to the afternoon's activities - Zoo Atlanta. With a special treat - it was Zoo Boo, so the kids were able to do a little trick or treating around the zoo. As we walked in and found this out - guess what table was set up right by the ticket line - a table to buy costume ears and hats of course! So decked out in their new animal outfits, off we went.

The Flights of Wonder show was spectacular. Very informative, engaging and just plain neat. The owl and Harris Hawk below flew directly over my head a few times. 
The it was morning birthday time on Monday. 

Happy birthday, Chayton! I love you!

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