25 November, 2015

A good day for a birth day (11.24)

Happy 14th Birthday Kaija!

You got to ...

  • Sleep in
  • Go to breakfast at Stella's with Daddy
  • Rest and read all day long
  • Go to lunch at a great Cuban sandwich shop
  • Go to the beach
  • Eat cupcakes!
I think it was a good day.

I love you!


18 November, 2015

Happy National Adoption Day!

I wonder if she knew what she was getting into nine years ago, would Nazeriah still have picked us?

I know we'd definitely pick her again!

Love you, Nazeriah!

Birthday Celebration

Today would have been Big Grandma's 92nd birthday. We all really miss her. This photo is from her 91st birthday celebration. 

So what do we do? Go to Wendy's to get a frosty and fries - one of her favorite things to eat. 

17 November, 2015

New shoes

Look at these!

Chayton saved up his allowance and created his very own converse high tops. 

Too cool. 

13 November, 2015

Friday fun!

It's time for Kaija to start celebrating her 14th birthday! So why not have six 13-year-olds at my house for a sleepover?

I picked everyone up from school. 

That's the lone male representative in the back corner. 

Once we got home, Chayton escaped to his friend's house. A place where the boys out number the girls. 

It was off to dinner with the girls - Johnny's Pizza. Where they had their own table. (Courtney and I sat across the room from them.)

Short walk around broad street. 

Now they are home watching a movie. Courtney, the dog, one cat and I are all hiding - I mean hanging - out in our bedroom. 

06 November, 2015

A boy, a girl and a dog

It's turning fall down here. 'Tho it's definitely a milder fall then what we are used to (I'm wearing a tank top as I type this), the leaves are still changing and falling. How did it get to be November already?

Take a look at Chayton the soccer star. The fall season is almost over and he'll get a break from soccer until the spring season starts up. But, boy is he enjoying it. Still playing keeper and loving it. Especially the special Keeper Practices on Thursdays.

He's also busy trying to keep up with the leaves that are falling ... he missed a few spots.

 Kaija's enjoyed the leaves as well - playing with Blue outside (photography courtesy of Chayton).

Nazeriah's doing well, too. She's just being a teenager and trying to spend the time indoors on some sort of digital device ... of course that doesn't always go as planned. :-)

Happy Autumn!

05 November, 2015

Chayton's Birthday Celebration + Halloween Party

This handsome young man has turned 9 - what a great reason to have a Halloween Party!

This past weekend four of his friends + their family stopped by to celebrate with us. Costumes required! Chayton as a dragon slaying ninja, Courtney as a Mad Scientist, and I was a Dia De Los Muertos lady.

Even the girls got into the act.

For their school costume, the girls and two other friends dressed as emojis. Did you know that emojis wear tutus? Well, these do. Their friends, the Twins, were 1920s gangsters.

Of course, I didn't get full on costume pictures of everyone - but they were all fun!
Unfortunately, I lost some eyeballs in the pot that I was cooking my brainy pasta in. I hate loosing eyeballs. Of course, everyone was so helpful in trying to get them out of there for me.
After rescuing my eyes, the Mad Scientist whipped some things up in the laboratory.

After steaming brews were concocted and hands were sawed apart, our mummies needed to get new wraps on. It was a race to see which team could wrap the fastest. 

Then the teams were off on a scavenger hunt!


Time for Monster Bingo and cupcakes!


After party playing with the dry ice ... so many experiments, so little time.
Happy Birthday (and Halloween) Chayton!