05 November, 2015

Chayton's Birthday Celebration + Halloween Party

This handsome young man has turned 9 - what a great reason to have a Halloween Party!

This past weekend four of his friends + their family stopped by to celebrate with us. Costumes required! Chayton as a dragon slaying ninja, Courtney as a Mad Scientist, and I was a Dia De Los Muertos lady.

Even the girls got into the act.

For their school costume, the girls and two other friends dressed as emojis. Did you know that emojis wear tutus? Well, these do. Their friends, the Twins, were 1920s gangsters.

Of course, I didn't get full on costume pictures of everyone - but they were all fun!
Unfortunately, I lost some eyeballs in the pot that I was cooking my brainy pasta in. I hate loosing eyeballs. Of course, everyone was so helpful in trying to get them out of there for me.
After rescuing my eyes, the Mad Scientist whipped some things up in the laboratory.

After steaming brews were concocted and hands were sawed apart, our mummies needed to get new wraps on. It was a race to see which team could wrap the fastest. 

Then the teams were off on a scavenger hunt!


Time for Monster Bingo and cupcakes!


After party playing with the dry ice ... so many experiments, so little time.
Happy Birthday (and Halloween) Chayton!

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