19 October, 2016

Birthday Dinner

Happy, happy day! 

Chayton's first day as a ten-year-old was a smashing success. 

He had his birthday breakfast with his dad. It was picture day - so he didn't have to wear his school's uniform. Tante Jeri picked him up after school and they went tooling around, stopping for a snack and at the skate shop. Then it was a yummy dinner, selected by Chayton that ended with ghostly cupcakes and sitting on the front porch. 

Life's good when you are ten. 

18 October, 2016

Let the Birthday Rumpus Begin!

The day is finally arriving. This cutie will be in the double digits tomorrow! Check out our work on the classroom party cupcakes.

It's going to be a monster of a party. 

 And here are Chayton's sleeping buddies. It's a crowded, yet cuddly bed!