14 July, 2017

Summer Fun - Sleep Away Camp Part I

The girls' headed off to our favorite sleep away camp at the end of June - with their favorite driver, Courtney, making sure they got there.

It was the second year of doing the Kern Challenge week - which they really enjoyed last year and made some great friends. What made it even better this year - is the core group from last year arranged to go to camp the same week this year! So about ten teenagers planned and schemed (and made sure that their parents' made it happen).

From what I've been told - the old group + the new kids from this year bonded and it was "the most amazing camp week EVER!"

They made it home to the house in Rome, GA last Sunday. By Monday afternoon, the girls were over at the twins' house for an extended sleep-over. I'm not going to see them again until Thursday!

Sounds like a pretty good summer to me.

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