Best Of World Adventure

Check this list to find the "Best Of" from our Adventure ... at least up until now. All rankings can change if we come upon something even better!

Best Coffee
Bungy Restaurant, New Zealand 
On the way to Oamaru 
Rincon de la Veja cafe with Judy

Best View From Our House
The Remarkables in Queenstown

Best Trampoline
Camp park in Rotorua 

Best Beds
Queenstown House

Best Afternoon Tea
The Fourteas, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Best City

Best Scenery
New Zealand

Best Bread

Best Ice Cream
New Zealand

Best Soy Milk
Costa Rica
New Zealand

Best Chocolate
New Zealand

Best Musli Bars
New Zealand

Coolest Hotel
Istanbul, Turkey

Most Relaxing Beach
Kalamata, Greece
Best Sleep-Over (for kids)
Chateaulin, France with friends from Ireland

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