World Adventure 2013

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Here's Where We Went

24 Jan-29 Jan
West Orange, NJ to Rome, GA

29 Jan-3 Feb
Rome, GA to West Orange, NJ

3 Feb
Newark, NJ to Liberia, Costa Rica

3 Feb - 17 Feb
Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

17 Feb
Playa del Coco to Cabuya, Costa Rica

17 Feb-4 Mar
Cabuya, Costa Rica

4 Mar-7 Mar
Liberia, Costa Rica to Newark, NJ to Los Angeles, CA to Sydney, Australia 

7Mar-9 Mar
Sydney, Australia

9 Mar-11 Mar
Blue Mountains, Katoomba, Australia

11 Mar-12 Mar
Sydney, Australia

12 Mar-22 Mar
Cairns, Australia

22 Mar-25 Mar
Auckland, New Zealand

25 Mar-29 Mar
Whangarei, New Zealand

30 Mar-1 Apr
Rotorua, New Zealand

1 Apr-3 Apr
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

3 Apr-4 Apr
Woodville, New Zealand

4 Apr-7 Apr
Wellington, New Zealand

7 Apr-8 Apr
Picton, New Zealand

8 Apr-11 Apr
Kaikoura, New Zealand

11 Apr-12 Apr
Louis Pass, New Zealand

12Apr -13 Apr
Greymouth, New Zealand

13 Apr-14 Apr
Lake Mahinapua, (Hokitika area), New Zealand

14 Apr-18 Apr
Glacier Country, Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand

18 Apr-24 Apr
Queenstown, New Zealand

24 Apr-25 Apr
Oamaru, New Zealand

25 Apr-27 Apr
Christchurch, New Zealand

27 Apr-6 May
London, England

6 May-18 May
Stafford Upon Avon, England

18 May
Chunnel Train to Paris!

18 May-25 May
Paris, France

25 May-10 June
Chateaulin, France

10 Jun-29 Jun
Bacharach, Germany
Visited: Koln, Weisbaden, Rudensheim, Speicher, Bitburg, Spangdahlem, and many, many castles

29 Jun-14 Jul
Lechaschau, Austria
Visited: Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and more castles

14 Jul
Train to Padua, Italy

14 Jul-21 Jul
Padua, Italy
Visited: Venice

21 Jul-27 Jul
Spoleto, Italy
Visited: Rome

27 Jul-28 Jul
Carovigno, Italy

31 Jul-1 Aug
Ferry to Patras, Greece; drive to Kalamata, Greece

1 Aug-10 Aug
Kalamata, Greece

10 Aug-24 Aug
Athens, Greece

24 Aug-27 Aug
Istanbul, Turkey

27 Aug-3 Sep
Patara, Turkey

3 Sep-12 Sep
Istanbul, Turkey

12 Sep-20 Sep
West Orange, New Jersey

20 Sep-2 Oct
Rome, Georgia

2 Oct-14 Oct
Fleming Island, Florida

14 Oct-22 Oct
Rome, Georgia

22 Oct-24 Oct
Cade’s Cove, Great Smokey Mountains

24 Oct-11 Dec
Rome, Georgia

11 Dec-28 Dec
Las Vegas, NV

28 Dec
Back to Rome, Georgia

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